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YOGA Classes for Veterans and First Responders


SpecialiZed Classes

Michelle Garcia Yoga offers on location classes for veterans and first responders. Programs are tailored and designed for each agency and department to fit their needs. Michelle knows and understands the effects yoga and meditation can have on people.


Benefits of Yoga

Michelle works to improve mobility, strength, and stability while creating a space for students that feels welcome for all abilities.

Style of Teaching

Michelle's style of teaching is different than your "typical" yoga class. The heart of yoga is about finding the breath and noticing the body while moving through postures. Michelle permits her students to move in a way that feels comfortable for them.


Michelle has studied trauma and how it affects the body, polyvagal theory, and how the nervous system reacts to stress and its effects on our daily lives. Since Michelle has taught such a diverse group of people, she is able to apply this to how she teaches her students.

Featured Teaching Locations

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