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  • Michelle Garcia

How To Face Our Fears

Fear is a very powerful emotion.  It can at times be overwhelming.  We can have a fear of the future, feeling afraid of getting sick or becoming old. Consider how to face our fears.

Our fears can get a hold of us, and sometimes we can’t let it go.  Even when things in our lives are going well, is there an underlying sense of fear?  Do we ignore certain aspects of our lives because we are afraid to look at them?  

To face our fears, we need to look at them.  It’s a hard thing to do, but we need to ask ourselves; What exactly am I afraid of and why? Fear can keep us stuck, keep us from the doing the things we want and are meant to do.  The more we push fear away and keep it locked up, the stronger it becomes.  Bringing the fear into our awareness, acknowledge that it is there, is the first step to overcoming what we are afraid of.

We have to look deeply to create change in our lives.  Facing our fears can be one of the hardest things to do because we often make decisions based out of fear.  We choose the wrong partner because we are afraid to be alone.  We make decisions that may not be the healthiest for us because of our fears.

We can start by looking at our fear without judgment.  Just examine it without attaching any meaning to it.  You’re not trying to figure out why you are feeling this way, or why this fear keeps coming up, you are only trying to accept your fear for what it is.  The “why” behind the fear will reveal itself in it’s own time.  It will likely change as you’re in this state of observing.  The reason behind the fear may not be what you originally thought it was about.  So don’t let the “why of the fear be what you’re searching for.  Try to think of the fear like it’s standing in front of you.  No judgment, just looking at it.  

• The fear of being alone.  

•The fear of failure.

•The fear of not living up to someone else’s expectations.

•The fear of not having enough money.

•The fear of not succeeding.

Take a moment and try this: Take the time to think about what you’re afraid of.  What does it look like? If you close your eyes for a few minutes and think about this fear, what comes to your mind?  Notice if you feel a sensation in the body as you think of this fear.  

If you have your eyes closed, and you have that fear in front of you.  Can you think of the opposite of that fear?  If the fear is of being alone, can the opposite be, “I’m perfectly fine and happy being alone.”

If the fear is not living up to someone else’s expectations, can the opposite be, “I don’t need anyone else’s approval.”

Think about what the opposite would be for your fear.  Then form that sentence and slowly repeat it to yourself.  

Go back to your original fear and then move to the opposite of that fear.  Slowly move from the fear to the opposite of the fear.  Notice any sensations in the body. Do this a few times and notice when you go back to the original fear and if it’s changed in any way.  It might not have, and that’s okay.  

Bringing our awareness to our fear brings them out of the shadows.  It makes us face them, turning the spotlight on them, instead of ignoring them.  Learn how to face our fears. What we ignore will only get stronger.  So take some time and face those fears, let your body feel the opposite of that fear.  

The things in your life might not change overnight, but bringing awareness to it is the start.  It can be the beginning of you realizing you are okay, and you can face your fears with a different outlook.

Let’s stop giving so much power to the unknown and live into our truth and authenticity.  Let the world see you as you should be seen: The powerful, beautiful, wonderful person that you are!

With Gratitude,


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