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Yoga for Veterans and First Responders   

Promote optimal wellness and health to improve mobility, strength, stability, and overall health

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Meditation for veterans and first responders

Daily meditation to reduce stress, improve breathing, and create positive mental wellbeing

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After Michelle's yoga classes and learning about the benefits of yoga I started sleeping better. I literally haven't slept this well in 3 years since taking her classes. I was skeptical that I would get anything out of this, but now I look forward to yoga knowing that I am feeling and sleeping so much better.


After 21 years of law enforcement I had a difficult time upon retirement. I expected to miss the adrenaline and camaraderie that seemed exclusive to the job. What I didn’t expect was to experience the lack of having a goal and a sense of value to my community. Michelle was able to help me find and focus that sense of purpose that was previously inherent to police work. She helped me see that I was more than just the badge I wore for so many years. I am grateful for her guidance in helping me with this next phase in life.


As both an Operation Iraqi Freedom Army Veteran, and a trauma/addiction Therapist, I know first hand the struggles individuals who suffer from trauma face. Michelle uses an effective evidence based protocol, which allows individuals to regain control over their emotions, and live a more purposeful and fulfilling life. Michelle’s compassionate and knowledgeable approach is perfect for everyone from beginners to experienced meditators. I strongly encourage anyone who is suffering, to work with Michelle, take advantage of her knowledge, and gain the skills necessary to take back control of their lives.