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  • Michelle Garcia

10 Ways To Find A Little More Happiness

Do you ever find yourself comparing what someone else has, to what you have? A nicer car? Bigger house? Designer clothes? Do you need to find a little more happiness?

Is life perfect? No, but let’s stop comparing, judging, blaming and criticizing others and find ways to feel happy with what we have. I can guarantee there are plenty of people who would give anything to have even half of what you currently have. This isn’t just about physical possessions, but the things you can’t buy. Your family, your friends, your self-worth, your happiness.

So I encourage you to try some or all of these little ways to find a little more happiness in your life.

  1. Accept everything that you are. Stop wasting time comparing yourself to others. This is such an energy drain thinking you are not enough or someone is better than you. Accept yourself just as you are.

  2. Speak your truth. Be honest and forthcoming in what you say. Speak up for yourself and own it. Feel confident in speaking up for yourself.

  3. Look for the lessons. Appreciate the lessons in life. The good and the bad all have lessons in them. Focus on what you gained from these lessons.

  4. Let anger go. Holding onto anger and hatred is toxic. Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Let it go.

  5. Set a good example. What if you said, “I’m not going to gossip about so-and-so anymore.” Lead by example and look for the good in people.

  6. Don’t forget the little things. It’s the little things that can bring the biggest value to your life. When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried?

  7. Forgive. I know this one is hard, but forgive for you and for the other person. You both deserve to let it go and move on.

  8. Appreciate each and every day. Maybe today wasn’t how you wanted it to turn out, but tomorrow you can start again, fresh and new.

  9. Do what you can right now. Stop procrastinating, do what you can today. One small step is better than nothing at all.

  10. Realize you are great. You do not need to be the cream of the crop to be great. Pick yourself up when you fall and know that you are great and worthy of all that life has to offer.

What are you going to do to feel happier? Is there anything you would add to this? Anything you already do that brings you happiness? Can you find a little more happiness?

My happiness in life has increased greatly after I consciously looked at each of these and implemented them into my life, to the point that they have become how I live. This is not over night, but a little bit each day, makes a tremendous difference. Choose what resonates with you most right now, and keep that as today’s intention. Your life is worth it and so are you!

With Gratitude,


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