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  • Michelle Garcia

Do you practice Gratitude?

Do you practice Gratitude? I use the word “practice” for a reason. When was the last time you took a moment and thought, “I am grateful, thankful, blessed for my life.” Are we waking up in the morning and rushing to get ready, thinking of all the things we need to accomplish during our day, and hoping to get at least half of them done.

How do we live a life from a place of gratitude? Whatever our circumstances may be, there needs to be at least five things we can be grateful for every single day. When life gets hard, like I wrote in last week’s blog post, and I have woken with sorrow heavy on my heart, I have made myself think of five things to be grateful for.

I remember hearing in Yoga Teacher Training from my instructor:


If we focus on the worries in our lives, we only make those feelings stronger. If there are things in our lives that need to be addressed because they are causing stress, stop ignoring them, and deal with them. Have the difficult conversation, take a hard look at your finances, look at your job and seek other options if you need to.

If we address what is bothering us in our lives, we can build more gratitude for our life. There is research that shows practicing gratitude improves our health, reduces anxiety and depression. We are happier and nicer people when we wake with thoughts of what we are grateful for every single day.

When was the last time you said, “I am grateful for….”  and not just at Thanksgiving!! I believe, what you focus on, you become. What are you focusing on first thing when you start to wake up? This is the perfect time to put the thoughts of gratitude into your head, and see if there is a change in your attitude as you go about your day.

Worry, stress, anxiety, gratitude, or happiness are all actions. What actions are you going to take?  

With Gratitude,


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