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  • Michelle Garcia

Five Ways To Add Pleasure To Your Life

I originally was going to call this “Five Ways to Add Joy To Your Life,” but I was reading something the other day, and the word PLEASURE stood out for me. Most of us can equate the word joy to pleasure in our life. Enjoying times of laughing, having fun, good times with friends and family can all be considered times of joy.

But what about pleasure? Some might think of sex or love when the word pleasure is thought of, but what about pleasure in our day-to-day lives?

The word pleasure at is defined as: Frivolous Enjoyment

Frivolous – it just might be my new favorite word, besides pleasure.

For many years, I didn’t even realize that I wasn’t enjoying life; I sure as heck wasn’t having frivolous enjoyment. I had forgotten what it was like to have fun, laugh until I was crying, and my stomach hurt.

After I let go of things that no longer served me, and moved my life in a direction that I was unsure of- scared at times, but in my heart felt right- I started to find pleasure, joy, and laughter.

Here are five ways to add pleasure to your life.

  1. Listen to music. For many years, I would have the television on the background while cooking or doing stuff around the house. But when I switched it to music, I found myself in a better mood. I would be singing and dancing (no one needs to see or hear that) but I was having fun, hence bringing me pleasure.

  2. Get outside. It sounds simple enough, but take a walk around the block. Don’t drive and get your mail, walk. I see people out walking, jogging and getting fresh air all the time. Bundle up when it’s cold or go early in the morning when it’s hot. Get out into nature; it improves your mood, and you will feel better.

  3. Play games. Get a group of friends together and play card or board games. You are never too old to play games. I’m not talking about Xbox, games on your computer or phone. It’s a completely different way to interact with people, and you will find yourself laughing until the neighbors are asking you to quiet down.

  4. Schedule a date night. Just you and your partner. Enjoy a meal together, talk, look at each other, and connect. Go to a movie, make out like teenagers; who cares who sees you? Connect with the person you love and care about. If there isn’t that special someone in your life, then go out with friends. Meet for drinks, dinner, see a show, something that is not what you typically do, be adventurous!

  5. Plan a trip. Make plans in the future for something you’ve been putting off that you’ve always wanted to do. If it’s scuba diving, seeing the Riviera, swimming with sharks, whatever that is, schedule it, plan for it. Vacation makes us look forward to the future when we can get stuck in the rut of the day-to-day life.

Go out there, find and feel frivolous enjoyment. Feel pleasure and joy. You will be happier, and more fulfilled!

With frivolous gratitude,


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