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  • Michelle Garcia

How To Live A Life With No Regrets

Recently I saw a video where there was a chalkboard on a street in New York City, and it said, “What’s your biggest regret?” People were looking at the chalkboard, and then they started to write things such as, “Wasting time, not saying yes to things, staying in my comfort zone… “A woman said she did Plan B and didn’t take the chances she should have in life. Learn how to live a life with no regrets.

I remember in my 20’s saying I wasn’t going to live life with regrets. Then life happened, and there are plenty of things, situations and conversations that I wish I could do-over.

So how do we live a life with no regrets and wipe the slate clean and say to ourselves that we CAN start again?

  1. Don’t waste time. We tend to push things off into the future. “I will do that when”…. Our time here is not as long as we might like to think. There are no guarantees that tomorrow will come, so if there is something you want to do with your life, or learn, or teach, whatever that is, don’t waste any more time. Just do it. Do something every day that gets you closer to what you want.

  2. Take chances. If you feel there is something missing, be willing to say you’re not living your life to the fullest. Step out of your comfort zone and be willing to risk what you want for this life. You have one shot at this life, you get to choose how you are going to live it. That means you have to take chances; risk it all for what you want.

  3. Find a mentor. Who inspires you? This person doesn’t have to be anyone you’ve ever met, but an individual who is out there doing what they do, and you find them inspiring. A leader in their field and they make a difference in the people around them. Read their books, visit their website, follow them on social media and see what they are doing and how you can emulate them.

  4. Life is not always perfect. There will be highs and lows and mistakes made along the way. What makes life so great is that there are all these twists and turns. If you didn’t go through something that was challenging, how would you know what a real victory felt like? It’s the times when we fail or struggle that we can find the biggest lesson. Just because we fall, doesn’t mean we have to stay down.

I was talking with some young girls the other day, and I was saying that we have all been through a lot in our lives, good and bad. But those choices have shaped me and where I am right now. I wouldn’t change any of those things because it has made me stronger and taught me some invaluable lessons. I wouldn’t be where I am today without those decisions. I wouldn’t be the person I am without the mistakes I’ve made and lessons I’ve learned along the way. I learned how to live a life with no regrets.

I make better choices now because of those bad decisions in my past. I don’t want to live my life with the thought of, “I wish” or “I should have.” Know that you have a clean slate and can start again.

With Gratitude,


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