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  • Michelle Garcia

What Is Fueling You?

What does an average day look like for you? Do you wake up feeling rushed and tired? Or do you wake up feeling refreshed and move into your morning with a plan for what needs to get done that day? What is fueling you?

What are you eating throughout the day? Many of us get caught in the rut of eating fast food from the drive-thru because it’s easier and faster than planning our meals. This can lead to us feeling tired and unhealthy. Are you being mindful about your diet? Are your meals healthy and you know that what you are eating is fueling your body?

How many times a day are you checking social media? If time on social media isn’t regulated it can be a time-suck for many of us, and take away the valuable time we need to fulfill our goals and passions.

Take some time and think about what is fueling you every single day. Get an overall picture of how you are moving through life and see if there are some things you may want to change.

Try to start thinking about how to fuel your body and life in the best possible way.

  1. Take a look at what you’re eating daily. Think of your food as fuel. Would you consider the food you consume on a daily basis healthy, or is it harming your body? There is enough information out there so that most of us can figure out what is good or bad for us. Get your partner, kids, spouse, and family on board with you. Go to your doctor and get a check-up, get your bloodwork done and see what your numbers are. It’s a great starting point to see what’s going on internally and make the necessary changes.

  2. Make exercise fun. If you don’t enjoy going to the gym, then don’t do it. You need to find a form of exercise that you enjoy, or you won’t stick to it. Try different types of classes and gyms. Groupon, Living Social and Class Pass are a couple good places to try different things for a discounted price. Exercising doesn’t have to cost money. You can walk around your neighborhood or go to a park. You can do pushups on a bench or do walking lunges. Who cares what you look like while you’re doing it! The point is that you are moving your body, and the more you move your body, the healthier you will be and the better you will feel.

  3. Take time for yourself. Is there a book that you’ve wanted to read, but you can’t seem to find the time. Would you like once a week to take a long bath? Do you enjoy a massage but don’t want to spend the money? Instead of staying up late watching a television show that you can record and watch later, go to bed early and read that book. Take that bath. Lock the door, and take that time to relax for a little while. It’s not selfish for you to take time for yourself. Do you want a massage? Check Groupon or other discount sites. I’ve been able to find good deals when I want a massage; it’s worth it.

  4. Be social. If you enjoy time with friends and family, create that time to get together. If it’s once a month, than great, but plan it. If you don’t make the time to see friends and family, it can end up being only seeing each other for holidays and special occasions. If there are people whose company you enjoy, make the time to see them more and appreciate your time together.

  5. Fuel your spirit. If you are religious, and a daily practice is what fuels your spirit, that’s great. If you like meditation, take the time to get in your daily practice. What makes you feel alive? Connected to a higher self? I enjoy hiking and smelling the trees, or a walk along the ocean, hearing the water. I can turn everything else off and be absorbed in that moment.

Taking the time to figure out what is fueling you that can awaken a part of you that might have been put on the back burner. Take control of what you put into your body, mind and spirit every single day and see how your life can change. Notice if you start to feel better and healthier, you feel more in control of your life. What a wonderful feeling!

With Gratitude,


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